GCSE and A-Level Revision

Striving for excellence in your GCSE Music and A-Level Music exams?

My one-to-one revision classes are designed to help you master the broad range of skills required, including composition, essay writing, theory, performance, listening, technology, and critical analysis. These sessions are ideal for students looking to balance their strengths and focus on areas needing improvement, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.

It’s essential to understand the performance expectations of your exam board, whether you’re playing a traditional instrument or using music technology. I will guide you in selecting pieces that meet the required criteria and in honing your technical skills, expressive control, and stylistic awareness. We’ll work on achieving accuracy in rhythm and pitch, as well as enhancing your interpretation and ensemble performance. Developing an effective practice routine is crucial, and I will provide strategies to help you practice efficiently and effectively.

In composition, we will start with simple ideas and build on them, using resources like BBC Bitesize for additional tips. For listening comprehension, you’ll learn to analyse unfamiliar pieces, focusing on musical elements, contexts, and terminology. By expanding your musical vocabulary, you’ll be able to articulate your insights clearly and confidently.

With personalised attention and expert guidance, my revision classes will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your music exams and beyond.